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Hi, welcome to the HealthSynch testing family

HealthSync is a tool that allows you, and your loved ones to collaborate efficiently when tracking and sharing important health information. Create a dataset for yourself, or a loved one, and see how much easier it becomes to manage medication, doctor’s appointments, symptoms and more! It is especially useful for careminders and family members of the elderly, or people with complex medical conditions. No more handwritten and endlessly rewritten prescription lists, forgotten appointment dates, digging for family or medical contact info, or one-off emails and calls to try and keep family members updated regarding changes to your health data. Keep your health info accessible and in one place, while keeping all of your loved ones and health aides sync’ed up with the latest changes in your conditions – With HealthSync! With HealthSync, you can: - Record symptoms with a start date and easily note changes in symptom intensity level. - Maintain a list of all prescribed medications and supplements - and a history of all changes made by you or family members. - Keep handy your insurance details, and all of your doctors’ contact information. - Record upcoming appointments and receive reminders. - Stay informed with in-app alerts, whenever any authorized family member has updated a prescription, appointment, or symptom. - Quickly email your treating or consulting physicians or concerned family members, an updated health snapshot of your most current conditions, medications and appointments. - Easily perform all the above functions for yourself, or any family member who relies on you to help organize this info.

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